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15 Oct 2015
Modern home design has expanded to embrace a virtually endless array of different style and decor choices. This gives homeowners the option to pick out fairly exotic finishes and materials to make their homes stand out. Polished concrete floors are popping up in more and more trendy homes, and it's not too hard to see why.

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Installing And Finishing Polished Concrete Floors

Installing a cultured concrete floor just isn't quite as simple a pouring a subfloor and sanding it down -- but it's close. When fresh concrete is laid to have an exposed floor, care is delivered to ensure that the finished surface will likely be extremely smooth and attractive.

Concrete destined for exposed floors is normally very dense, and it is mixed to minimize air bubbles and voids. After it cures, it's extensively polished (often with diamond bits and also other specialized tools) to make a glossy shine. polished concrete floors austin

Sometimes a preexisting concrete sub-floor can be repurposed like a finished, polished floor. The probability of this possibility depends on the nature of the concrete and its particular current state of repair.

Making a great concrete floor is not a project that falls from the scope of most do-it-yourselfers. It is a job for a professional contractor, especially one with a lot of experience with polished concrete.

polished concrete floors austin


Polished concrete produces an incredibly smooth and glossy aesthetic effect that a lot of homeowners find appealing. It is usually an extremely durable surface with minimal maintenance requirements.

Concrete floors are well-suited to the installation of radiant sub-floor heating. Concrete is a wonderful thermal conductor, and it will increase the efficiency of radiant heating systems.

Perhaps most significantly, a polished concrete floor is surprsiingly affordable given its prestigious, stylish appearance. Normal costs to get a new floor run roughly $4-$5 per square foot. Refinishing an existing floor could be even cheaper.

Potential Drawbacks

Concrete floors aren't for all. Without a radiant heat (which adds significantly for their cost) concrete floors tend to be extremely chilly. They can also be uncomfortable during long periods of standing.

Although concrete floors are extremely durable, they rarely remain flawless. Cracking and staining is probably going, and some homeowners dislike the "weathered" appearance that develops over time.

Concrete's durability translates into a floor that can be unfriendly for accidents. Delicate possessions that drop on the concrete floor are more inclined to break. The risk of injuries due to a fall is also slightly higher.

polished concrete floors austin

Maintenance and care

Day-to-day maintenance for a polished concrete floor is very simply. It should be kept clean by dusting it regularly using a dry mop. An every week wet mopping will make sure that the floor looks its best.

Even when polished, concrete is an inherently porous material. It's prone to stains from a number of different liquids. Labeling will help you important to seal residential concrete floors to protect them. Sealant needs to be re-applied every two to three years.

In summary, installing a concrete floor in a residential home is a concept that's growing in popularity as a result of material's numerous advantages. It's cheap, it's tough, and it can be quite attractive when installed and maintained properly. May well be for everyone, but many of homeowners are delighted using the appearance of a polished concrete floor.


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